Foreign Rights

Sterling Lord Literistic aggressively markets translation rights, working closely with top foreign agents to secure publishing deals around the world. Please contact Foreign Rights Director Szilvia Molnar ( or our coagents below. For permission to reprint and translate portions of our clients’ work on a non-exclusive basis in your territory, please fill out the form on the Permissions page. For general foreign rights inquiries, email

Most Sterling Lord titles are handled abroad by the following co-agents:


Riff Agency

Joao Paulo Riff



Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania

Andrew Nurnberg Associates Sofia 
Mira Droumeva



China, Taiwan

The Grayhawk Agency 
Gray Tan



Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia

Andrew Nurnberg Associates Prague

Marta Soukopová




Agence Eliane Benisti 
Eliane Benisti



Germany, Austria

Paul and Peter Fritz Agency

Antonia Fritz

Christian Dittus




JLM Agency 
John Moukakos



Hungary, Croatia

Andrew Nurnberg Associates Budapest 
Judit Hermann




The Deborah Harris Agency

Geula Geurts




The Italian Literary Agency

Mariavittoria Puccetti




Tuttle-Mori Agency 
Ken Mori




Danny Hong Agency
Danny Hong



Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine

Andrew Nurnberg Associates Baltic
Tatjana Zoldnere




Book/lab Literary Agency
Agata Zabowska




The Van Lear Agency

Elizabeth Van Lear



Spain, Portugal, Catalan

MB Agencia Literaria 
Mònica Martín



Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland

Please be in touch with Szilvia Molnar:



Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia

The Grayhawk Agency

Itzel Hsu



The Netherlands

Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency 
Marianne Schönbach




Anatolialit Agency 
Amy Spangler



United Kingdom

Please be in touch with Szilvia Molnar: